Our newly created COLORSBIND box is an exciting, monthly re-newing, affirming subscription gift for transracial adoption, bi-racial and multiracial families wanting specific, individual help about raising confident, racially-educated, Black children with high cultural esteem.

We realize you don’t know what you don’t know. That is okay, the COLORSBIND box is here to collaborate in your learning.

Each COLORSBIND box speaks to your exact needs by providing monthly contents that inform about navigating the challenges of being a Black child growing up in a world of indifference. Each month we outline strategies that help parents devise individualized family action plans toward the empowerment of their children.

Use the COLORSBIND box to explore Black culture and history with us. Learn how to respond to racism, along with fun activities that build cultural awareness including food preparation, Black holiday celebrations, arts, games, movies and podcasts. The COLORSBIND box answers your curiosities about racial difference and helps you in the constructions of parental self-image, holistic child rearing, and aspirations to seek Black cultural knowledge. 

The COLORSBIND box is here to answer the hard questions, have the tough conversations, partner with you in raising healthy, racially aware, dynamic and confident Black children...

 Visit WWW.COLORSBINDBOX.COM to subscribe!


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 One of our ColorsBind Box Transracial Adoption Families.

One of our ColorsBind Box Transracial Adoption Families.

 One of our ColorsBind Box Transracial Adoption Families.

One of our ColorsBind Box Transracial Adoption Families.

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What Is In The Box?

COLORSBIND box is a monthly, curated subscription service for Transracial Adoption families who are raising Black children. We specialize in providing the BEST Black cultural and transracial adoption resources available. Each box includes an educational parental guide called "COLORSBIND US" magazine which includes: a) researched-based perspectives about the holistic development of Black children; b) a range of age appropriate, racial-esteem focused family exercises and confidence-building "factivities"; c) listings of relevant identity-based books, podcast, art, games and movies about Black culture/history; and d) details about our exclusive COLORSBIND Q&A conference call groups facilitated by the Community V(i)llage founders Dr. Bryan K. Hotchkins and Nedra K. Hotchkins, M.Ed, who specialize in the identity development of Black youth. The "COLORSBIND US" magazine offers varied levels of exercises and factivities that are geared to Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced levels of knowledge about Black culture/history. Specifically, the COLORSBIND box arrives at your doorstep every month containing 4-5 products (full size, no samples) including:

1) A "COLORSBIND US" magazine;

2) At least (1) Transracial Adoption affirming COLORSBIND US tee;

3) A featured book that focuses on parenting Black children in a world of indifference, parental identity development or an overarching issue that impacts Black children (e. g. "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria");

4) ...and 1-2 additional COLORSBIND box exclusive items (e.g. buttons, message bracelet or original art prints);

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How It Works? 

Complete the following steps to subscribe:

  1. Provide your information below so we can provide you with COLORSBIND box updates prior to launch;
  2. Visit
  3. Purchase a 1 Month ($60.00); or 3 Month ($172.00) BEST VALUE subscription
  4. Include tee shirt size preferences of yourself or person you are gifting a subscription BEFORE checkout;
  5. Await the arrival of your COLORSBIND box. Monthly we ship around the 15th (S&H is FREE and included);
  6. Receive your COLORSBIND box!;
  7. Post a picture or video on our social media @COLORSBINDBOX (IG, Facebook or Twitter) showing off and commenting on your contents;
  8. You can cancel or change your preferences at any time before the FIRST of each month. 

Our first 100 subscribing families will be eligible to receive special offers, discounts and individualized consulting opportunities. We look forward to getting to know each of you personally. If you would like to be added to our e-mailing list please complete the form below:

Please provide preferred phone contact information here:
We are currently gathering information from TRA families about their interest in signing up for our upcoming COLORSBIND BOX monthly subscription service.