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Welcome to our Community V(i)llage!

Legacy: Community V(i)llage was created in 2015. As a series of informative workshops designed to help inform the parenting decisions of transracial adoptive families raising Black children, it has served to better the lives of approximately 121 parents, multiple children and their extended families. The founders, Nedra and Bryan Hotchkins, are committed to elevating understandings about how to raise the cultural esteem of Black children in purposeful ways that positively contribute to their holistically development. Below is a video lecture of Dr. Bryan K. Hotchkins at Cascades Academy (Bend, OR) discussing how to raise the cultural competencies of Black children in a world of indifference. This talk was conducted for the general community for approximately 231 attendees who are interested in learning about best practices navigating race in America.

The talk above is an encapsulated version of the Community V(i)llage learning process, which is an 8-hour family journey where participating parents work together to arrive at concrete solutions about how to better raise Black children. If after watching the videos your are considering joining or participating in our educational class sessions, first, determine whether your needs mesh with the work we do by understanding the scope and sequence of the Community V(i)llage.

Who: Community V(i)llage is an educational safe space for parents who have adopted Black children, but are uncertain as to what they need to do to help their families navigate unforeseen racial occurrences and blindspots. We welcome participants from a variety of backgrounds. Our clientele includes people who have the following identities:  Heterosexual and LGBTQ; Baptist, Mormon and Catholic; White, Latino/a, African and Black; Mothers, Fathers, and Grandparents; Black youth and their siblings, all of whom are invested in the positive raising of Black children.

What: We offer an 8-hour, weekend format that informs about how to holistically raise Black children. Specifically, participants are taught how to develop detailed, step-by-step action plans to better understand how to elevate racial esteem of Black children, increase family racial interdependence, and prepare parents to help their children navigate K-12 school environments. By learning how to facilitate reciprocal race mentorships, utilize cultural artifacts to educate oneself and build cultural confidence within their children, participants leave our sessions holistically empowered to be family advocates.

When: Class sessions are conducted bi-monthly based on community demand, which consists of five to 12 families in any locale. 

Where: Community V(i)llage can be conducted in any city once arrangements are made, a host family is selected and community demand is satisfied. Subsequently, we will design a curriculum plan based on participants needs then travel to your city.

How: our educational class sessions are conducted in a face-to-face format that allows for intimate, transparent and thoughtful interactions that yield beneficial solutions to family concerns about best practices for raising Black children in a world of indifference. 

Why: Based on the testimonies of previous participants, we are mindful that some parents are apprehensive about raising Black children. In fact, in some instances parents feel their cultural knowledge about what it means to be Black is insufficient. Many have remarked "I do not know what I do not know" or "Is our love going to be enough?" Concerns like these and our love for Black children led to us developing an educational opportunity where parents can be vulnerable, fearful, reflective and purposeful about how to empower their children to walk in confidence while being proud of being Black in a transracial family.

Our roadmap to holistic parenting of Black children is proven and THIS year we offer two sessions: Learning to Counteract the Fact that We Don’t Know, What We Don’t Know About Parenting Black Children (BEGINNER) and Purposefully Creating Spaces that Move Black Children from Surviving to Thriving in Society (INTERMEDIATE). Each curriculum is completely new!  We recognize that although your individual family needs are different so having a supportive community matters. Let us help you prepare. Below are are few testimonies of previous participants that may inform your decision to attend…    

Still interested in participating in a Community V(i)llage educational class session? Our next opportunity begins in May of 2019. The information listed below for your review and consideration.

Just so you know, our educational class sessions offer confidential group discussions about how to respond to issues like racial challenges, create strategies for interacting with cultural bullies, garner support from extended family members and best practices for guiding Black children from childhood to adolescence to adulthood. Sessions will be conducted over the weekend: Friday, May 3rd (6p-8p Meet & Greet), Saturday, May 4th (9a-1p) and Sunday, May 5th (10a-2p). Our empirical-based curriculum for Learning to Counteract the Fact that We Don’t Know, What We Don’t Know About Parenting Black Children (BEGINNER) focuses on five critical questions:

1) How do I socialize my Black children to live, exist, and thrive in predominantly White communities, and school environments?;

2) Have I considered the holistic long-term effects of transracial adoption on my Black child(ren)?;

3) What are my strategies for navigating my child(ren’s) racial groups?;

4) How do I purposefully elevate my level of cultural competency concerning my child(ren’s) racial legacy?;

5) Where do I want my child(ren) to be developmentally when they reach adulthood concerning the intersection of race, intellect, and emotion, and what will be my contribution?

Sessions will be conducted over the weekend: Friday, May 3rd (6p-8p Meet & Greet), Saturday, May 4th (2p-6p). Our empirical-based curriculum for Purposefully Creating Spaces that Move Black Children from Surviving to Thriving in Society (INTERMEDIATE) focuses on five critical questions: 

1) How do I prepare my Black child or children to navigate the White Racial Frame at the individual and systemic levels of operation?

2) What must I do to actively facilitate the decolonization of Black child or child(ren) from K-12 learning environments by introducing CRITical questioning processes?

3) How do I parent in a gender specific way that pushes back against the societal constraints of White Supremacy?

4) Why should I teach my Black child or children to be world makers instead of space takers within the confines of time?

5) Who am I as a parent of a Black child or children, what does that look like in actual practice and how can I build an inclusive, empowering legacy that facilitates the holistic, positive development of my family members?

If you are interested in participating in either of our upcoming March Community V(i)llage sessions in Salt Lake City, UT please submit your information in the form below. You will receive an response detailing the event location and items needed. The final date to register is Sunday, April 15, 2019. The session dates are MAY 3-5, 2019. Sessions cap at 12 families so please register early as we anticipate filling up fast! You will be contacted shortly thereafter to receive details pertaining to session locations. The BEGINNER cost is only $300 per family, INTERMEDIATE cost is $175. Thank you for your interest. 


Please provide preferred phone contact information here:
We are conducting sessions the remainder of the year based on demand. ONLY select the month in which you are available to attend.

This summer we were afforded an opportunity to bring the Community V(i)llage to California and conducted a 5-hour version at the Ethiopian Heritage Camp hosted by Kathleen Halat. The session was entitled “Learning to Counteract the Fact that We Don’t Know, What We Don’t Know About Parenting Black Children.” The experience was so great that we the sessions are available for cultural summer camps so if you attend similar versions please let the host know as we we welcome the opportunity to educate attendees. Pictures from the event are below:


If your family needs a safe educational space, join our family!

Pictured below are participants from our inaugural Community V(i)llage in 2015. These 12 families (Salt Lake City, UT) represent our “beginner circle” and have since made tremendous strides within their families and communities at large.

Community V(i)llage Cultural Artifact Presentation

Community V(i)llage Cultural Artifact Presentation

Community V(i)llage family fish fry evening event to build rapport, accountability, and trust circles across racial boundaries (2016).

Community V(i)llage family fish fry evening event to build rapport, accountability, and trust circles across racial boundaries (2016).

Participant in the Community Village, a parenting discussion group run as a college-style course for transracial adoptees and their parents, I have experienced what a thoughtful educator Dr. Hotchkins is capable of being. Providing positive cultural affinity moments for children, while pushing their parents on topics like racial battle fatigue, white fragility, and stereotype threat, is a game-changing acculturation model of acknowledging, and navigating, the gap in the child-parent experience that can lessen the trauma surrounding transracial adoptions.