Community Village

Community V(i)llage participants learn about the "7 Effective Ways to Love Black Children While Parenting in a World of Difference." 

Specifically, participants are taught how to develop detailed, step-by-step cultural action plans to better their understanding of Black culture, embrace White fragility, increase family racial confidence and navigate K-12 schools. By learning how to facilitate reciprocal race mentorships, explore cultural artifacts and build race-esteem within their children, participants leave our sessions empowered to be a family advocate.

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Specifically, the Community V(i)llage creates communal spaces for White parents of Black children to have confidential group discussions about how to respond to racial challenges, create strategies for interacting with cultural bullies, garner support from extended family members and best practices for guiding Black children from childhood to adolescence. Our upcoming sessions consist of three meetings conducted over the weekend: Friday (6p-8p), Saturday (11a-3p) and Sunday (2p-4p). Curriculum focuses on five critical questions: 

1) How do I socialize my Black children to live, exist and thrive in predominantly White communities and school environments?

2) Have I considered the holistic long-term effects of transracial adoption on my Black child(ren)?

3) What are my strategies for navigating my child(ren's) racial groups?

4) How do I purposefully elevate my level of cultural competency concerning my child(ren's) racial legacy?

5) Where do I want my child(ren) to be developmentally when they reach adulthood concerning the intersection of race, intellect and emotion, and what will be my contribution? 

If you are interested in participating in our upcoming September, 22-24 Community V(i)llage sessions please complete submit your information in the form below. The final day to register is September 20, 2017. Sessions cap at 12 families so please register early as we anticipate filling up fast! You will be contacted shortly thereafter to receive details pertaining to session(s) location. Registration is $300 per family. Thank you for your interest in broadening your communal, social and parenting circles. 

Please provide preferred phone contact information here:
We are conducting sessions the remainder of the year based on demand so please ONLY select the month in which you are available to attend.

The Community V(i)llage is an educational, research-based, safe space for transracial adopted families of Black children. Our curriculum is designed to holistically examine, and discuss the challenges, and supports involved in raising Black children within school, social and religious settings. If you would like us to bring this program to your city please either enroll in current offerings or submit a request below by completing the form below. 

Dr. Bryan Hotchkins and Mrs. Nedra Hotchkins, M.Ed. teaching interested transracial families about key factors for raising, healthy + whole Black children. (Photo Credit: Terra Cooper)

Our family has created a safe, educational space for your family. Join us!

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How can your family participate in the Community V(i)llage?

If your community needs our program(s) please locate 5-10 families, and we will travel to your city and deliver a site specific curriculum that caters to your communal needs.

Learning outcomes:

*Increased racial awareness and understanding

*Parental preparedness to discuss the intersection of race + gender + adultification of Black children

*Raised cultural self-esteem

*Development of a family mentor, and community engagement plan 

Community V(i)llage family fish fry evening event to build rapport, accountability, and trust circles across racial boundaries (2016). 

Community V(i)llage family fish fry evening event to build rapport, accountability, and trust circles across racial boundaries (2016). 

Participant in the Community Village, a parenting discussion group run as a college-style course for transracial adoptees and their parents, I have experienced what a thoughtful educator Dr. Hotchkins is capable of being. Providing positive cultural affinity moments for children, while pushing their parents on topics like racial battle fatigue, white fragility, and stereotype threat, is a game-changing acculturation model of acknowledging, and navigating, the gap in the child-parent experience that can lessen the trauma surrounding transracial adoptions.

Community V(i)llage Cultural Artifact Presentation