Facade Podcast

Weekly Dr. B. K. Hotchkins discusses current Hip Hop happenings, how to fit in the skin you in, music, sports and the value of seeing a therapist like he does. Warning, his Nerd does not always translate well so be patient with the intellectual ramblings. Everyone has a person, persona and facade that contributes to how they navigate me, myself and I so learn to negotiate. The show format is "Five Random Topics", "Therapy Exercise", "Either/or, Neither/nor", "What We Not Gone Do", "Talmbout" and concludes with the "Detangle" segment.

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Episode 1 | "Origin Story"

In the S1:E1 of Facade Podcast Dr. B. K. Hotchkins Discusses how the podcast got started, makes his “Either/Or” pick between new albums by Solange versus 2Chainz (24:26) and interrogates the Stephen Clark homicide (32:05) in the “Neither/Nor” segment. He also introduces the block “What We Not Gone Do” by posing three unasked questions of Jordyn Woods (38:06) before responding to listeners DMs in the “Talmbout” (49:58) section. Finally, he concludes with the “Detangle” (56:26) about how self-beauty is defined and why you should own it.