Think Positionality purposefully offers informative links to the community at large by attempting to expose our families and youth to best practices for global engagement. Here are a few examples...

V(i)llage scholars at Syracuse High School learning to engage in discussions about race while navigating diverse spaces + places.

Why Educating Ourselves is important.

Think Positionality, LLC understands that for most people, until you have experienced a situation it is difficult to know how to respond when made to feel uncomfortable. For others, a constant place of discomfort centers around addressing issues pertaining to race + gender + homophobia and the like so we have provided a reference place for persons who consider themselves a novice concerning these topics. Feel free to watch, but continue to return as we update weekly with practical, real life resources that are applicable, and helpful when needed. Thank you for visiting, and know that we are dedicated to making the world a better place, one individual at a time. Enjoy!