Façade Podcast

From Invisible Studios this is Façade Podcast, whimsical cultural analysis, presented in relevant, understandable ways that critique and celebrate Hip Hop while discussing our place in it. The host is Dr. Bryan K. Hotchkins. Season two of Façade Podcast begins each episode with ETHER where homage is paid to the Culture before the following segments are discussed: "5 Random Topics", "Therapy Exercise", "Either/Or, Neither/Nor", "What We Not Gone Do", "Talmbout" and ends with the "Detangle," which offers advice about life.

Episodes available on Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify and Anchor. Follow @drbhotchkins and @facadepodcast on Twitter!


Facade Podcast | Season 2 "Trailer"

Facade Podcast Season 2 premieres Saturday, October 5th on Spotify (and a week later everywhere else). For clues about what the season focuses on follow @facadepod on IG, @facadepodast on Twitter and tune into IG Stories all week!