Façade Podcast

From Invisible Studios this is Façade Podcast, whimsical cultural analysis, presented in relevant, understandable ways that critique and celebrate Hip Hop while discussing our place in it. The host is Dr. Bryan K. Hotchkins. Season two of Façade Podcast begins each episode with ETHER where homage is paid to the Culture before the following segments are discussed: "5 Random Topics", "Therapy Exercise", "Either/Or, Neither/Nor", "What We Not Gone Do", "Talmbout" and ends with the "Detangle," which offers advice about life.

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S1 | E17 "Frugal Falsetto"

In the S1:E17 of Facade Podcast Dr. B. K. Hotchkins opens the pod with a new segment entitled "Ether" (4:06) then “5 Topics” Pre-qualified Credit Cards (16:07), Car Exhaust Baby Cart (20:33), Barre Naked (25:44), Frugal Falsetto (28:59) and White Male Thin Preference (33:19). Dr. Hotchkins addresses his therapist assignment by answering the question “Are you xenophobic about your love for Hip Hop? Explain!” (36:57) before exploring “Either/Or” Child Interaction Protocols or Dressing Up Errand Runs (40:44) before discussing the “Neither/Nor” Naked Statues nor Loyalty Fallouts (50:09). He also introduces the block “What We Not Gone Do” about De La Soul Masters Ownership Situation (57:23) before answering “you seem to be a brands person, what do you think about Great Value foods?” as posed by a listener in our DMs for the “Talmbout” (1:06:04) section. Finally, he concludes with the “Detangle” (1:09:50) about the purpose of being on earth, which is to praise God and Get Money! #FacadePodcast #FacadePodcastHotTakes